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The Ab Core SAB1300 targets both the upper and lower abs in perfect synchronicity while relieving strain from the lower back. The result is simple and effective, safe exercise, minimum time and one single machine.

Tone and strengthen your abdominals now in the comfort and convenience of your home gym with the incredible Ab Core SAB1300.

Requires absolute no preconditioning (beginners).

Isolates front abs.

Isolates left and right oblique’s.

Puts no stress on the lower back.

Seat pad can be locked in place or unlocked for pivoting movement.

Pivoting seat pad provides multiple abdominal exercises and results in greater activation of the core musculature.

Starts the body in an upright posture with exercise handles overhead to pre-stretch the abdominal muscles.

Resistance can be increased - decreased.

Enjoyable workout, fun to use.

No maintenance needed.

Avoids excessive hip flexion unlike traditional abdominal machines.

Dimensions: 84 cm (L) x 105(W) cm x 165 cm (H)

Weight: 90 kg.

Maximum user weight: 145 kg.


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