Chrome Doorway Chin up Bar

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Uniquely designed Doorway Chin Up Bar quickly and easily mounts to doorway frame.

Doorway gym bars have been around for a long time but have found new popularity recently with P90X and home work outs using a suspension system. Easy to install, easy to move about and easy to store, this inexpensive, highly effective piece of exercise equipment will help you create body strength for your fitness workouts. You can have a home gym in your doorway by adding a suspension system which will allow you to perform core work, lower body exercises, and upper body strength moves. By placing the suspension system on a bar (open door) vs a door anchor (door is closed) you are more free to facilitate different types of exercises like body saws, mountain climbers, and more advanced moves which allow you to get closer to the ground.

 Sturdy steel material

Expandable from 63 cm to 93 cm wide

Perform pull-ups and chin-ups in any standard doorframe

Achieve a challenging upper body workout in a minimum of space

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