Warranty Terms

This warranty is issued for equipment purchased from M/s. Home Fitness Direct, its associates, agents, distributors or dealers. This warranty is to ensure that the equipment purchased is free from defects in workmanship and materials for the period specified.

Scope of coverage

This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the equipment as mentioned in the Invoice or the Online Order Form. M/s. Home Fitness Direct have the option of replacing the components or repairing the same.

This warranty is specific to the period mentioned. M/s. Home Fitness Direct or its constituents are not liable for any warranty or the terms of such warranty issued beyond the specified period by its associates, agents, distributors or dealers. M/s. Home Fitness Direct is also not liable for any warranty local or international issued by the equipment manufacturer.

The machine should be serviced or repaired only by an authorized technician of the company. Scope of service is at the delivery address given at the time of placing the order. When the machine is moved from the delivery address, travelling expenses, incidental expenses, to and fro transportation costs of the machine or parts would be borne by the customer.

The machine shall not be moved from the delivery address given at the time of placing the order. If prior intimation is given and the shift supervised by a company authorized technician the warranty would be transferred to the new location.

Any damage to the machine, its parts and drive assembly during transportation by the customer will cancel the warranty obligations.

The warranty would automatically expire at the end of the period specified in the warranty card irrespective of whether the machine has been used or not.

Home use equipment would be covered under Home use warranty. If used for any light commercial or commercial activity the warranty would become null and void.

All meters, readings and displays are calibrated references and cannot be taken as 100% accurate. All readings are approximations and cannot be construed as accurate medical readings.

This warranty is for a specific period for the entire machine and its various components. Anyreplacement of parts under warranty would not entitle any additional warranty term.

The company may at its discretion decide to do the repairs / replacement of parts at site or its nearest service center.

All replaced parts during the warranty would become the property of the company.

This warranty is for the performance of the machine covered by the warranty. M/s. Home Fitness Direct, its authorized service agents or technicians are not liable for any special or consequential damages, liability or loss arising directly or indirectly due to failure, non performance or delay in repair of the machine.

This warranty becomes null and void if : The machine is not used as instructed or as given in the user manual. Willful misuse or improper use. Machine has been serviced, repaired or tampered by an unauthorized person. Original serial number is defaced. The warranty card is not signed by the company representative and the owner. User’s weight is in excess of the specifications.

Warranty cards will be issued either by the company or thru its authorized service center covering the territory.

The warranty becomes invalid if it is subject to abuse by domestic pests, like rodents, termites etc. Damages due to water, natural calamities, excessive voltage, exposure to excessive voltage, exposure to excessive heat, dust are not covered under this warranty.

This warranty would be invalid if the damages arise to the machine, its sealed systems, electronic and electrical components and circuits due to differential voltage either below 220V or above 240V. Where there are voltage fluctuations a voltage stabilizer is recommended.

This warranty does not cover any foam, rubber parts, plastic parts, upholstery, cables, plastic pedals, paint, batteries, power connectors and adaptors unless specified.

This warranty is applicable only in India. Any international warranty or warranty terms are not applicable and superceeded by the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

The warranty is towards machine performance and would not entitle the owner to any monetary compensation or refunds.

The warranty is effected in Bangalore and any legal or arbitration proceedings would be limited to Bangalore jurisdiction.

Please read through the user manual and the instructions therein. If you have any pre-existing health problems or are undergoing any medical treatment please consult your Physician prior to starting your fitness regime.